Our Journey

I grew up with cats in the home as a child but when my daughters and I adopted two adorable puppies, Tedi and Tut, from a local shelter my daughters and I fell in love with dogs! Hence the love affair began and has continued. I started baking dog treats because I felt it was important to know what ingredients were in the treats our dogs were consuming. After researching pet treats, I realized so many are unhealthy, consist of ingredients which are hard to pronounce and are full of preservatives to prolong their shelf life; this is NOT healthy for your pets. This made me very leery and afraid what I had been feeding my furry family members could be harmful. As I began to make more and more treats it became apparent that my treats were healthier and safer. It was so rewarding to bake homemade treats and to see our dogs full of excitement when it was treat time. Baking dog treats was a way to control the ingredients and make sure they were safe for consumption and offer nutritional benefits for our dogs. I also found it to be therapeutic in nature.